Peter Horn, Mercurius 2, detail Margaret Jones, Pomegranate, detail Sue Weir, Hampden I, detail Joan Baxter, Odin Journeying, detail Murray Gibson, Three Fates, Atropos

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Don Burns
Don Burns received the Award for Excellence for his tapestry, “Fauvist Woods,” which was exhibited in TWiNE 2014, at the Feinstein Gallery at the University of Rhode Island in Providence. Visit his Award page.
Deborah Corsini

Katie Russell, "Jute Whale" (2013), 30in x 21in

Congratulations to Katie Russell from Scotland for a Emerge Grant. Katie is a member of The British Tapestry Group, The Weavers, Spinners & Dyers Guild, Craft Scotland and Intertwine – a Galloway Textile Collective.  For more information on Emerge

Michael Rohde, "Royalty" (2012), 64in x 31.5in; $4200

For more than thirty-five years, I’ve been exploring color relationships in my work…read more

Care Standely, "Fire River" (2013), 12in x 7in

Finding tapestry compelling and completely absorbing, Care Standley is particularly interested in pattern, color and tension…read more

Mary Kester, "Complimentary Quarters"  1985, 72" x 80" x 4"

My tapestries are abstract forms, not framed windows of a scene. Each is an object which refers to landscape or stone megaliths…read more