Peter Horn, Mercurius 2, detail Margaret Jones, Pomegranate, detail Sue Weir, Hampden I, detail Joan Baxter, Odin Journeying, detail Murray Gibson, Three Fates, Atropos

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clews finding the pathway inwards detail 1

“My creative process, as with gardening, is essentially an interaction with nature, involving the introduction of natural and unnatural materials and a great deal of effort.  The process is a back-and-forth, something that humans can’t control.” Visit the show.

Issues of Tapestry Topics more than two years old are now available to the general public. Click here.…

David Johnson. "The New World" (2013), 24" x 60Full

The improvisation that is in jazz music is expressed in the woven forms of David Johnson’s tapestries…Read More.…

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