• Cecilia Blomberg, Birch Rolls

  • Meredith Bennett, Camino Errante

  • Cornelia Theimer Gardella, Untitled #2 (Red, Blue)

  • Clare Coyle, Seaweed Colour Study I

  • Linda Giesen, White Sand

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Congratulations to the artists accepted into ATB 11. Read about it here.…

Vancouver Yarn blog tour

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Adam & Eve, weaver: Mariam Hermina, 1961, 1.22 x  2.55 m. flax warp, wool weft.  Collection of RWWAC - Egypt

Threads of Life, Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre, Egypt: A Journey in Creativity. Curated by Ikram Nosshi & Suzanne Wissa Wassef. View the show.…

Jeanne Llewellyn, "The Old Timer" (2015), 27cm x 21 cm.  $350

… this gnarled and twisted old tree stood in the corner of a pioneer cemetery, the oldest grave stone with a date of 1866, it had a presence about it suggesting it had witnessed much. Visit Jeanne’s page.…