• Joan Griffin, Shadows in the Forest

  • Marcel Marois, Chromatic Downpour

  • David R. Mooney, Border Fragment

  • Barbara Heller, Detritus

  • Frances Crowe, Crow by Crowe

  • Muriel Nezhnie, Liberation

Welcome to the website of the American Tapestry Alliance

a non-profit organization supporting the fine arts medium of contemporary handwoven tapestry.

Featured News
Margo Macdonald, "Nisqually Reach" (2014), 29" x 35"

‘I express my ideas through hand-woven tapestry and painting. Both media are appropriate in evoking the spirit of place that marks my work …’ View Margo’s updated page.…

Betty Hilton-Nash, "A Butterfly Garden, An Homage to Dom Robert" (2014), 40" x 40"

‘Tapestry offers the artist a richness and saturation of color that no other medium can match.’ View Betty’s updated artist page.…

Marcel Marois, 'Like one breath in a troubled wave'

“The works of the tapestry artist Marcel Marois are like palimpsests.” View Marcel’s online exhibition…

Travelling Tapestry call for entry_Page_1

The Textile Museum of Oaxaca and the Philately Museum of Oaxaca, in collaboration with ATA), invite tapestry artists to weave postcards for the unjuried show, Travelling Tapestry: Textile Mail Art. October 12th – 15th, 2016. Download the …

Meredith Bennett, Camino Errante

ATA invites all tapestry artists to submit works. Artists are encouraged to explore the conceptual, technical and metaphorical implications of the theme as they design their submissions. More information …